Every person who wishes to consign will need to write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With their email sign up confirmation, every consignor will receive tag templates in attachment.


All tags must be printed on CARDSTOCK. Any other paper will rip. Cardstock can be any light color, white is best, but pastel colors will work too.

There are 2 options for filling out tags, both equally effective:

OPTION 1 - CWGTags1.docx is a document that can be modified. This option allows the consignor to type in all the necessary info (consignor #, item size, if applicable, brand name, description, and price) and to print a tag that is neat and easy to read. The consignor must be sure to not modify the dimensions of the tag nor delete any important info while modifying the tag.

OPTION 2 - CWGTags2.pdf is a document that cannot be modified. The consignor will print as many copies as needed and fill in the info by hand. Although this option is not as neat and not as easy to read, it is the fastest and more practical option.



The CONSIGNOR NUMBER is very important and writing it correctly is essential!! The consignor should make sure there are no scribbles nor cross-outs on their tags, especially the price. If a mess up occurs, or a change needs to be done, it is very important that a new tag be created.

If SIZE is not applicable to a certain item, the word 'Size' may be deleted or 'N/A' can be added, or simply be left blank.

If an item is nameless, the 'BRAND NAME' line can be left blank, and some extra info on the item can be added, if desired.

DESCRIPTIONS of items may be as long or as short as desired and the important info to not forget is consignor # and price.



Each consignor sets the PRICE! Typical pricing for consignment is 1/3 of retail. An item can be priced higher if it's in 'like new' condition. Pricing should be done keeping in mind the quality, name brand and condition of the item.

Items are to be priced in $1.00 or .50 cents increments. No $.25, $.75 nor $.99 please!!!! No item may be priced lower that $1 (except for the clothing on the $.50 rack, the $.50 books, and the toys in the $.50 bins)If a single item can't bring $1 on its own, it should be paired with or be added to something that will bring it to this amount.



All tags must be SAFETY PINNED to the top right hand side (or close to the shoulder) of the clothing item (see images in the 'Prepping Info' tab) or secured with CLEAR PACKAGING TAPE to any plastic toy or bagged item. If the tag cannot be taped on or if the tape may ruin the object, a ribbon or such may be used to safely secure it to the item.

A TAGGING GUN may also be used to secure price tags to garments, they are fast and in the long run, much much cheaper than safety pins!!. Please be sure to not damage the garment while affixing the tag. You may attach the tag to the inside garment's size tag, as long as you pull the tag out and make it visible. If there is no size tag, then it can be attached to an inside seam like the shoulder. The important thing is to not damage the item!



Extra tagging tips:


If possible remember to mark your hangers so breakdown helpers will be able to easily identify items from the same consignor and sorting of the leftovers will be faster and more efficient. You will NOT get your hangers back, this is just to help volunteers with sorting.


Please no clothing in bags. If you have an item that is new and not hanging, please take it out of the package and hang it on a hanger. Also specify that the item is NEW on the tag description.


Please use the tag templates provided at sign up, Consign With Grace does not accept any other tag format.


Please cut the tags out following the outside lines so all the tags are uniform and easy to bunch together and count when totaled.


Remember to always use CARD STOCK for your tags as paper tags will fall off the item more easily.


You may use colored card stock, as long an it’s a light color and the wording is readable.


When writing out a tag, never forget consignor # and price, the other info is not as important! You may want to type your number on one of the templates and print multiple copies of an otherwise blank sheet of tags.


Please affix tag where visible, especially on a garment (right shoulder area)